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My name is Cole Schaefer. I am a -year-old independent software developer currently working as a bartender in Dallas, TX. While I may not be an expert developer in the various coding languages that I have encountered, I am well-rounded enough to comprehend, understand, and interpret quite a few popular, powerful languages such as HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, Javascript, Node.js, Java, C, Objective-C/Swift, Bash, Python, C#, and VB.NET. I have my high school diploma, but do not have a college degree or any certification to show that I belong in this industry; however, I do have more than 10 years of hands-on, self-taught knowledge and a passion for computer science that most people tend to consider almost obsessive. I also have a history with Adobe Photoshop, creating my own graphics for most of my projects.

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Name: Cole Schaefer
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 07, 1995
Location: Texas, USA
Marital Status: Single

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Prophet Gaming

The #1 CS:GO Jailbreak Community

Prophet Gaming is a project I joined in March of 2017 that has quickly grown to be one of the most popular, widely-known CS:GO jailbreak servers on the internet. There are quite a few sub-projects involved in Prophet Gaming, and as such, all projects regarding Prophet Gaming have been aggregated here.

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Prophet (Bot)

Feature-rich Discord bot.

Prophet is a Python-based multi-purpose bot user for Discord. He is capable of playing music, running votes, handling roles, handling filters, clearing chat, and more! He was specifically created for Prophet Gaming originally but was later opened to public use.

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Dockbar for iPhone (iOS 8-10)

A clean sidebar switcher for iPhone.

DockBar for iPhone is a sleek, lightweight, customizable application launcher with plenty of customization to make sure that you get a dock that feels right for you.

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Audix for iPhone (iOS 8)

An elegant music player tweak for iOS.

Audix was a simple, elegant music player tweak for iOS 8 that placed a music player controller in the Reachability view of an iOS device. Since iOS 8 has been subsequently replaced by iOS 9 and 10, Audix has been discontinued. However, the project is still kept here for archiving purposes.


Mojo Installer

Non-jailbroken Application Installer

Mojo Installer is a non-jailbroken web application for iOS devices. It is designed to grant users a little more customization/design out of their device without performing dangerous system modifications, such as jailbreaking.

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Personal online persona website. is the personal website for the online persona ".Bypass". The site serves as a placeholder for his private server and as an online portfolio. You can find more of .Bypass here.

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