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New Blog UpdateAug. 19, 2016

So, I realized the other day that I had gotten quite enveloped in my personal life and as a result, I almost lost track of taking care of my website and the services it hosts. So I figured a new update to the site was in order. I've cleaned up my posting system a bunch to make creating blog posts easier, I updated a bunch of the private services hosted on my site (PokeScout, ctOS, Profile Maker, etc.), and..

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9.1 Jailbreak ReleasedMar. 11, 2016

@PanguTeam released a jailbreak for 64-bit iOS devices running 9.1 today and it seems to have left the world split between 2 different sides. Half of the community is ecstatic to see another jailbreak released, while the other half is seemingly angry at Pangu for not releasing a jailbreak for 9.2.1 or 9.3. The tweet from the official Pangu twitter account can be found below in the article.

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@nickdepetrillo's FalsityFeb. 20, 2016

So for some reason, at around 3:30PM today (02/20/16), @i0n1c tweeted that Google Security Researcher @nickdepetrillo privately tweeted the link to an iOS 9.3b3 jailbreak. However, @nickdepetrillo's tweets are all protected and the supposed tweeted link cannot be found. You can see the tweet below in the article.

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Personal Website UpdatedFeb. 18, 2016

So the time has come, yet again, for me to update my personal portfolio website. I'm hoping that in choosing the material design conventions, I can start displaying a little more professionalism (not just in myself, but even in the way I showcase my projects). So I've taken a Bootstrap Material design theme that I found online and built around it to create my new portfolio.

Mojo Installer 3.1-7991Feb. 17, 2016

I recently went ahead and put quite a bit of work into a new Mojo Installer update. New UI adjustments now allow a much cleaner custom user tint to be set to allow a much more user-friendly experience and interface. I also updated the Mojo core (the javascript that runs all of Mojo) to be a bit faster. Oh! And I can't forget about the new Install pages in Mojo! If you haven't already, go check out the new Mojo Installer 3.1-7991 update exclusively at

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